Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ballerina cupcake toppers!

Before I start my post of some of the cutest toppers I've seen to this day
Ballerina cupcake toppers
I'd like to say that I have missed blog land so much this past...hmm, month? I don't even know the last time I posted, sad!! I have been trying really, but just been...oh sheesh I don't want to say it...
Ok, I said it, I feel much better now. 

Have really gotten my Etsy up and going, up to I believe 102 items now, just rockin' it!!
If you haven't been there, check it out, could be something you like!

Want to see what I have been working on (yes I promise I will get to my post!)

  I have pretty much fallen in love with my Cricut (after many MANY hours of trying to figure the dang thing out!)
So I use the Cricut to make the cute little tags to put my bobby pins on. Ok, I'm done having my show and tell now for the real post shall we?

I was asked by a friend of mine if I could make her little girl some cupcakes for her last day at dance class. I was delighted! I have been waiting forever to make some cute little girly cupcakes and now was the chance. I asked what flavors and they came up with pink lemonade and chocolate cupcakes with kiwi strawberry buttercream. YUM!

Here is how the cupcakes turned out...
 fresh out of the oven chocolate cuppies!
 purple frosting & tons of sprinkles!
 love love love!
 I pretty much just took all the girly sprinkles I had and mixed them together. Sprinkle overload! :)
 Pink lemonade! (Lemon cupcake with raspberry lemon frosting)
 Oh yeah, and sprinkles....!

So that is how the cupcakes turned out...now the toppers! 
I happily stumbled upon Composing Hallelujahs where I originally found out how to make these cute little toppers. I however, did a few steps different which I will go through. First of all you will need:
  • Card stock (I used 2 different colors
  • 3 sheets of 20"x20" tissue paper
  • 3 ft of 1/4" ribbon
  • toothpicks
  • Double stick tape 
  • scissors
  • self-adhesive gems (optional)
  • bodice template on composing hallelujahs! 

Alrighty, first what you are going to want to do is get your bodice's all cut out. Trace the template onto the cardstock and cut them out. Try to use a pencil and be very light so you can erase.
Next, cut your tissue paper into 4 strips measuring 20 inches x  5 inches. Then cut those in half so the ending measurement is 10 inches x 5 inches.

 Take your tissue paper pieces (about half of them) and crinkle them up and down the center, kind of like a fan.
 Take one piece and gather it down the center. You will want it to be as wide as the waistline of the bodice piece. Wrap a piece of double sided tape around the middle of this.
 Next, take a bodice piece and place it on top of this, tape should go where the waist will be.
Flip it over and fold the top part of the tissue paper down over the bottom part, pressing lightly so the tape will stick but not to squish the paper too much.
Now you can take a toothpick with some tape and tape the toothpick onto the cardstock, leaving as much of the toothpick exposed as you want. 
You are now going to repeat those steps doing the back of the tutu. Start with wrapping the piece of tape around the center of the crinkled tissue paper once more and sticking it to the back of the bodice.
Fold the top down over the bottom once more...
Getting there! Now take a piece of your ribbon and wrap it around tightly to cover the top of the tissue paper and a little of the bodice, and stick with double sided tape like so:
Now flip it around a ta-da!!
Ballerina outfit! Now you can dazzle it up with some stick on gems, or really anything you want to!
Here is a peek at all my little beauties ;)

These were absolutely one of the funnest (time consuming) projects I've done! They turned out great and I can bet she was the coolest kid in class that day ;)
Thank you for sitting through my directions, hopefully the pictures helped! 

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