Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cupcake fail, but still pretty :)

A couple weeks ago I just wanted to make about 4 cupcakes, because it was the weekend, didn't have anyone to share the cupcakes with and I didn't want to have to eat them all myself so I searched for a recipe that would only make this many cupcakes.

I ended up coming across a recipe that makes 2 cupcakes, so I tripled it. BAD MISTAKE!

I added some peanut butter M&M's, thinking that these would turn out so delicious, but was I terribly wronge. They came out of the oven smelling soooo good, but let me tell you, I have no idea if it was the M&M's or the recipe but they were not all.

I will still share the pictures because they did turn out pretty neat. I made some chocolate leaves to put on top!

Above is where I put M&M's in the batter, then i pushed some down farther so they were all spread out. In the end needless to say, they all went to the bottom.

All to the bottom. They don't look too bad huh?

The chocolate leaves getting ready to go into the refridgerator!

Even though these cupcakes could not be enjoyed by eating, I still enjoyed making them! Just shows that experimenting is not all a bad thing.
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