Thursday, February 9, 2012

Friends in Blogland!

This post has no cupcakes...(Darnit!) but I feel the need to tell everyone out there how fun and exciting it is to be a part of blogland. I got into blogging by a co-worker who also has a blog herself..check her out @! She's a very crafty lady! :)

Anywho, I love to bake and show off what I can do and that was my intentions when first joining blogger. And then, as I started joining into parties and seeing all the wonderful things that everyone else can create out there it just blows my mind! It makes you feel like we are just one big family.

So here it is, my thank you to all my followers (hopefully more to come in the future, I'd love to have you all!) and to all who let me join in on the fun of partying it up (every day!!!). What more could you ask for then to join in on a party every day?

Over at the Tattered Tag she is having a "New Neighbor on the Blog"!!! Great idea for new bloggers to get out there and a great chance to make new friends! So stop on by if you are a new blogger or old and check it out!

I think I've babbled enough so until next time, keep bakin'/craftin'/whatever you do that's awesome! And thank you for stoppin' by My Little Cupcake!
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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I feel the same way about blogging lately! It's amazing even if it takes over your life :)