Monday, December 26, 2011

The joy of Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

Oh wow, it is the day after Christmas and I just cannot believe it goes by that fast. I mean, I feel like I just put up my tree for crying out loud! Went around town today to see if I could find any good deals on Christmas stuff. It was pretty adventurous trying to fight the crowds..people are crazy I tell you. I am all prepared for wrapping paper next year...I wanted to have all my colors jive for next year and I really wanted to find some white and black paper, and guess what? I DID! Success!

So how was everyone else's Christmas? Was Santa good to everyone? I must have been very good this year because I am typing on my brand new Sony laptop. My other computer was getting very slow and I needed to have a mouse plugged in at all times and the battery would always die, so now I can blog in pure happiness.

I have also been crafting here and there (while baking!) Here is what I have been up to...

My cute Christmas bucket for outside decoration. Took me forever to find that bucket! Also, notice how the snowman says "Let It Snow", and there is no snow on the ground. No snow makes for a dull Christmas, but very easy driving!

Mod podged letters for my bathroom :)

& letters for my kitchen! I used an old cookbook for these, I love how it turned out.
Letters that I made for Christmas time.

Homemade hot chocolate mix. I made these for a couple younger cousins and my boyfriends little brothers & sisters. What kid wouldn't be happy to get cocoa!?
Hot chocolate stirrers. They didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped. Honestly, I thought these would be a lot easier to do! But the kiddos loved them! (Don't mind the shotglass was the only thing I could think of since I didn't have any foam!)
Oh don't mind him, that's just puppy being lazy, or I guess you could say a good boy, as I craft/bake away!
Sweater frame. Background is an old sweater, the deer are ornaments I got @ the dollar store. What a steal. The red will be painted cream once I remember to buy paint :)
My Christmas tree bulbs I made. I used mod podge and an old dictionary and LOTS of glitter, cuz I love glitter and you can never have too much!

Finally, the Christmas tree. Looks so pretty when all lights are off. Didn't have a star yet, was planning on making my own to match the bulbs. Hopefully by next year I will have it made ;)

So that's what was keeping me busy. I hope you enjoy my busy/crafty/glittery time consuming projects!

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  1. Love the "Eat" sign! I have a sign in my dining room that says YUM! :)