Tuesday, December 27, 2011

White trash snack mix with santa bugel hats!

White trash snack mix with santa bugel hats..whoa! That is a wickedly long name for something that is soo  soo soo easy (and fun) to make! I wanted to bring  a Christmas-y treat for everyone I work with and since I am almost positive that no one, and I mean NO ONE could ever not like white trash chex mix, I figured it was the perfect thing to make.

I was right :)

Perfect thing to make!

Now some of you may ask what white trash chex mix is...well you could really add whatever you like in the mix but here are the ingredients I use. Oh yeah, I don't measure either, I just put in what I think looks good and add more of the stuff that I like more.

Holiday colored M&M's
Corn chex or rice chex cereal..or both!
Honey nut cheerios
White chocolate chips

Alright, so what you do is put all those ingredients together into a big bowl, melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave and pour all over everything in the bowl. It may even be easier to split it up into 2 bowls if you make lots like I do.

Now for the bugel santa hats, you will want to get some bugels and pick out all the nice looking ones that will really resemble a good santa hat :)

(I just want to interupt here and say that if you have not tried the caramel bugels, you have to! This is the first time I have tried them because I figured the caramel would taste the best with the chocolate and they are SO good and addicting!) moving on...
Then, you will want to get some red candy melts, melt them in the microwave and start dipping your "hats". I held onto the top of the bugel and dipped the rest of it into the chocolate, then laid it onto wax paper to dry.
Once that first layer is dry, re-dip the bottom of the "hat" into the red candy melt then immedietly dip into some white sprinkles. Once again, lay onto wax paper to fully dry. They will look something like so...
Alright, now once those all dry, take a mini marshmallow and stick one onto the top of each hat like this..

I just layered some of my white trash mix into little holiday goodie bags and randomly placed my santa hats inside and on top just so they would not get broken as I was mixing everything else up.
So cute/delicious/colorful/& hello, cheap!

Next holiday pick out that colored M&M's and make yourself some white trash chex mix!

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