Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A little red, white & blue

At my work we participated in Relay for Life and one thing we had to do was create a basket that others would like to vote on and register to win. We had a theme of "red, whtie and blue" and what better to top off a basket than with cupcakes!? I Have never made fondant before, but really wanted to try so I found a super easy recipe for marshmallow fondant. Seriously, very easy, just marshmallows, water, powdered sugar and some shortening to make it not stick!

I just made some yellow cupcakes and tinted the buttercream frosting blue and red and put some cute little fondant stars on top.
These ended up tasting to me like a sugar cookie!

I think i needed a little more shortening on my cookie cutter to make the fondant not stick so much, then maybe the stars would have been a little more clean cut. Either way, they looked good and gave the basket a sweet treat to top it off!
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