Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back Again!

I've been a bit absent lately, but I have a good excuse, I swear! Over Memorial Day weekend I went out and got a puppy! It's hard to bake when you got a little one running around your feet and with the potty training, it's almost impossible to keep your eye on both. I think the break from baking is worth it...
Don't you agree!?

Ok, so back to business here, I'll let ya take a look at what I did before this little guy came around :)

Tie-dye Cupcakes!

I seen a blog where cupcakes were multi colored and since I used to be a tie-dye freak, I loved it! Obviously I had to try it myself right?

I chose just a basic yellow cupcake recipe and divided the batter into 4 different bowls. I like bright colors so I picked up some neon food coloring and used all 4 neon colors in my batter.

Look at all the pretty COLORS!!!!

The next step was loading up the muffin tins. I pretty much just mixed and matched different colors, or put all 4 in the same one! Take a peek..
Pretty cool huh!? I almost think that next time I would make about 8 different colors and see how 'groovy' I can make them!

I baked these puppies up (still have puppy on the brain) and they came out pretty rad!

I almost couldn't believe how much I liked these!
They were just, perfect!

Take a look at these layers

And theres my tie-dye cupcakes for you! :)
Now if they only had a recipe for potty training, I'd cook it right up!
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